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Navajo-Churro sheep

It is an honor to live with these sheep. They have become our purpose, our teachers, our art, our food and our family.  They have taught us to slow down and to calm down. It is a gift to be connected to their past and hopefully be part of their future. This has not been the easiest path we have chosen and the learing curve is steep, but we are grateful everyday for what we have. As we always say ” We are rich in sheep!”


Our flock of registered Navajo-Churro Sheep has reached an ideal size, so each year we have more sheep than we can keep. We offer our best lambs as top quality breeding stock and our wethers as ideal lawn mowers and picturesque pets! We love our Churros and are happy to help others start their own flock. Navajo Churros are beautiful and extremely hardy and we recommend them highly!


Our breeding program is currently focused on selecting for heartiness, fleece quality, good mothering, and parasite resistance. And of course having the qualities that are the Navajo-Churro breed standard.

rachel with Sheep


Navajo-Churro sheep are descended from the Churra, an ancient Iberian breed. Although secondary to the Merino, the Churra (later corrupted to “Churro” by American frontiersmen) was prized by the Spanish for its remarkable hardiness, adaptability and fecundity. The Churra was the very first breed of domesticated sheep in the New World. Its importation to New Spain by the Spanish dates back to the 16th century where it was used to feed and clothe the armies of the conquistadors and Spanish settlers.”        Read More… The Navajo-Churro Sheep Association (N-CSA)




If you are interested in buying a live animal please call 434-823-1122 or email