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Here at Black Twig Farm our goal is to have a natural environment for our animals to live and respect their innate “sheepiness”.

They are raised by their mother and stay with the flock until they are they are the ideal size.

The flock roams the mountain during the day and then they are brought into a smaller pasture and barn in the evening for a flock check and to protect them from predators.

Ewes and lambs are on pasture all year. When necessary, pasture is supplemented with grass hay and locally grown and non-GMO grain mix especially milled for us. The grain is used as an enticement for them to go where we need them to!

Our sheep are not given medicated feed, chemicals or antibiotics (except in the case of serious illness or injury) and we use garlic to prevent and treat internal parasites.

We select out lambs to sell for meat to keep the flock at the right size for the land. The lambs are taken to a USDA facility that is committed to using humane practices.  The meat is aged for 4-7 days,  then cut to our specifications.

The Navajo-Churro is a primitive breed. It has not been bred to put on bulk and fat, so the meat is lean and delicious.

Slow Food USA has put this breed on “The Ark of Taste” and has named it a national treasure.  By consuming this rare breed we can all guarantee its survival. By supporting farms that raise the Navajo-Churro, you become part of the story.


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